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Always Fabulous Powder bronzer - 02

LE 273.00

Bronzing powder Always Fabulous by Bourjois.

Get a face flawless and tanned with the bronzing powder Bourjois Always Fabulous.

Bronzing powder light-textured, family Always Fabulous, which mimics perfectly the natural tan.

Its fine texture is pleasant on the skin and leaves a smooth finish and shine-free all day.

Available in 2 shades for any skin type with complementary flavours: caramel and chocolate.

Give your skin look radiant! The bronzing powder allows you to get the effect of a skin

tanned - Enchants with its lightweight formula and consistency, ultra-thin
It is available in two ranges of universal colors, to match all skin tones
-Long on the skin and is easy to apply
-Two shades blend perfectly, giving the effect of a natural tan

Always Fabulous Powder bronzer - 02

LE 273.00