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Coffee O clock hemp glove

LE 188.00

Exfoliating mitt

Made with 100% hemp plant fibres. Essential in the bath or shower, it helps to activate circulation and exfoliate your skin, leaving it smoother and cleaner by eliminating dead skin cells. Exfoliation level 1.

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Coffee O'clock sponges, gloves and bath brush are classified by exfoliation levels according to the design and type of material they are made of : 1 corresponds to a gentle action and 4 to a stronger exfoliating power. Sisal, hemp and linen are plant fibres that have always been part of personal care. They are a renewable resource, and less energy is required to manufacture them.

In the shower:

1-         Moisten the sponge or glove and before using it remove excess water.

2-         Perform a circular massage on the body. It can be used with your usual soap, although it is not essential.

3-         Rinse in plenty of water and drain well.

4-         Hang up to maintain for longer.

Benefits of exfoliation:

-           Removes dead skin cells and cleanses pores

-           Massage stimulates blood flow

-           Better absorption of body treatments

Coffee O clock hemp glove

LE 188.00