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5 Essential Winter Hair Care Tips to Try Now

The weather has suddenly changed from chill autumn nights to cold and cloudy winter days. This cold can take a good toll on your strands no matter your hair type and texture. Just like your skin, your hair needs loads of moisture to be protected from the cold to remain healthy, soft, and shiny.

To have lovely looking locks, try these 5 essential hair care tips:

1. Say no-no to frequent washes.

Forget about the hot summer days with all of its sweat and daily hair washes. Overwashing will strip down your hair’s natural oils that keep your hair protected and moisturized. Stripping those au-naturel oils is super bad because your hair needs those oils to grow longer and maintain scalp moisture. As much as possible, try to extend the time between washes and add a replenishing shampoo to your hair care routine that will densify your hair like the Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo

2. Chop chop

Reduce the chances of dry split ends by trimming only one centimeter from the bottom of your hair every four to eight weeks. This little chop-chop will keep your hair looking healthy and fresh.

3. Lock in that extra moisture

Winter dry air can suck out all of the moisture in your hair so you have to combat it with extra moisture. Add some changes to your hair routine and switch your cream-based leave-in to an oil-based one like Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil by L’Oreal.

4. Heat styling? Not anymore.

From split ends to hair breakage, heat styling and winter dryness is just a combo that never worked. Embrace your natural hair texture and let your hair air dry on its own whenever you can. During this time, allow your hair to explore new hairstyles like buns, twists, and braids.

5. Weekly treatment commitments

What's the name of the winter-hair game? Moisture. Apply a weekly deep conditioning treatment to replace lost moisture. Invest in Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Mask and let it do its magic in nourishing your hair with its rich formula.

So by avoiding heat hairstyling, using the right hair care products, and following the above tips, you can kiss your winter bad hair days goodbye.

Shake off the winter blues and go perfect your winter hair game 💪

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