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Are you suffering from winter blues? Here are 5 proven ways to beat it


Do you find it hard to focus? Are you finding communication with others undesirable? Are you losing interest in different activities? Do you sleep more? Are you always exhausted? These are some signs that you might be suffering from winter blues or what is called the seasonal emotional disorder. This disorder usually starts with the beginning of fall and ends with the beginning of spring.


Want to understand the nature of winter blues, and how it affects your life? Want to learn how to deal with it the right way? This article will answer your questions in just a few minutes.


Why do people suffer from sadness and depression during winter times?


Even though scientists looked at the phenomenon a lot, nobody was able to make a scientific conclusion. Many studies assumed that the reason behind this feeling is the fact that in winter there are fewer hours in the morning. This means that not being exposed to enough sunlight might be the reason. Not being exposed to enough sunlight can decrease the levels of Serotonin in our bodies, increase the levels of Melatonin, and decrease vitamin D. All these factors together lead to feeling sad, moody, and lazy.


How can you beat these feelings?


You can beat the winter blues with 5 proven ways:


  • Enjoy the warm sunlight: Even though winters can be extremely cold, there are always a few hours of sunlight that one can enjoy. You can take a walk or sit under the sunlight. Make use of these times and help your body release more Serotonin (the happiness hormone).


  • Fighting depression with sports: Studies proved the importance of playing sports and its relation to improving the overall mood. Whatever the sport that you choose, make sure to stay consistent to help with the depression.


  • Eat happy food: There are so many healthy foods that can bring you happiness and fight depression. Examples of these foods are honey, spinach, beets, cherries, tomatoes, fish, and berries. Add these to your daily menu and enjoy a depression free winter.


  • Pay more attention to relations with family and friendship. Love is the only thing that can keep you warm during a cold winter. Fight winter depression with the warmness of family and friends. Don’t let the weather hold you back from visiting a few family members or going out with friends. This is enough to bring you happiness and help you get rid of winter blues.


  • Pampering and taking care of yourself: With the weather getting colder, people are less likely to hold events or even go out. With this, self-care usually is less during winter times. That’s a big mistake! Winter dries our skin and hair and that's why it’s the perfect season to give yourself extra attention and pampering.


Taking care of your beauty gives you a great boost of happiness and self-confidence. What’s better than facing the winter with new hair color, an upbeat nail polish, moisturizing masks for your face and hair, a bright lipstick, and a fascinating perfume.


Visit to shop for a great range of makeup and beauty products by international brands. Face winter with some new colors! Life is too precious to waste it feeling down and sad. Fight depression in general and winter depression in specific using these effective methods. You won’t need to visit a doctor or take medications, just some extra sunlight, sports, love, healthy food, and a little pampering.