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Makeup Products Every New Bride Needs


Your wedding day is over. Tomorrow marks a new day in your life. You’re becoming a lady and your makeup should reflect that. Now let’s go a few weeks back. What makeup products should you buy? We are here to help you get the right makeup and go through this fun transformational phase. Grab a pen and a paper and get ready to write your own customized list.


Foundations first

The first and most important element in your new makeup bag is the foundation. Your foundation is the base of your makeup; if you get it right, you can guarantee a very lady-like look. Pick the foundation that matches your skin type and tone. You can check our foundations section here: Foundation.


Concealers for dark circles

Having a treatment routine for dark circles is important but so is having a good concealer. Dark circles make you look exhausted and sleep-deprived. You should always have a suitable concealer in your makeup bag. Click here for our concealers selection.


Set the foundation in place

Powders help set your foundation in place. If you have oily skin, powder does a perfect job reducing the shine of your skin. That’s why you can apply it several times through the day. Choose among a wide selection here.


Add life with blush

Blush is the perfect product to add life to your skin; it takes your skin from good to extremely good in seconds. Every bride should have a few colors of blush to choose among. Check here to see all your options on Cosmare.


Eye makeup is everything

It comes as no surprise that Mascaras, Eyeshadows, and Eyeliners are must-haves in your bridal makeup collection. Eye makeup is everything. You can get a new look every time, just by changing your eye makeup. We recommend you check out different palettes, try new colors, and opt for different styles.


Lipsticks and their magical touch

You can never have enough lipsticks. Choose colors that are both in style and match your skin tone. Make sure you get a mix of matte colors as well as glossy ones. You want to always be ready for any occasion. Lipsticks give you a truly magical touch so it’s okay to splurge a little bit. We have tons of colors and brands on Cosmare, check them all here.


Add some color with nail polish

Nail polish is another way to add color to your day. You can even find some cute nail stickers on Cosmare to give your nails an extra cute look. Buy a few stable Nail Polish colors like red and nudes. But don’t forget to go through your new closet and decide on a few special and different colors. Don’t forget your nail polish remover. Get your nail essentials from here.


A final tip for every bride

When doing your makeup shopping, don’t forget to read the description of every product carefully. You don’t want to pick the wrong products and be stuck with them. Remember, this is a transformational phase and you want to do it right. Our list is merely about the basic makeup needs of every bride. There are also more advanced makeup products, skin care products, and brushes. These will be for other lists.