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The Secret to a Good-looking Hair Flip

Admit it, flipping your healthy-looking hair behind your back makes you feel attractive, just like a star. How can one experience that instant self-confidence boost without the use of heat? Is it possible? It actually is. All you need is a hair-care routine and some tips from Today, we will help you rediscover haircare. We will discuss routines, tips, and products that work miracles. Ready for a hair transformation?


Get to know your hair type


Do you have dry hair, oily hair, or normal hair? Is your hair wavy, curly, or straight? Understanding the nature of your hair is one of the most important steps to developing a successful haircare routine. To be able to tell the type of your hair, leave it for few days without any products and notice it tendency. This way you will be able to tell its type clearly.  Never underestimate this step, it is the starting point. Now that you know the type of your hair, it is time to start an actual routine.


Know when to wash your hair


According to the type of your hair, decide on the number of times to shampoo it each week. If you have dry hair, try washing it every third day. On the other hand, if you have oily hair, you can wash it every other day. If you have normal hair, the choice is yours. You can either wash It every other day or every third day. No matter what type your hair is, over washing can destroy it. To guarantee a perfect hair wash, use lukewarm water. 


Choose the right products


Another benefit to understanding the type of your hair is picking the right products. Not all hair types react similarly to the same products. Choose the products that compliment your hair. This applies to everything from shampoo to conditioner to deep conditioner and others. You can find a nice selection of hair care products by the two giants L’oreal and Phyto


A hair mask is always a good idea


Who can say no to a good hair mask? The French brand phyto has some nice hair masks that you can apply depending on your hair problems. You can find a repairing mask, an intense nutrition mask,a hydrating mask, and more that you can check here Phyto Products






I washed my hair, now what


Now that the washing part is done, it is time to brush your hair. We all get tempted to use a brush as opposed to a comb to brush our wet hair. The brush can be easy and soft. If you need a brush that is soft for the hair, hard on the tangles, and easy to use with wet hair, you have to check our website for the Tangle Teezer collection. You will find something for everyone; men, women, and kids. You can use the brush with both wet and dry hair. It is the perfect hair companion.


What if I have to use heat?



What if you have to use heat? Well, it is not the end of the world. Yes, heat can damage the hair over the long run. However, you can slow down that process by using a heat protectant. You can findPhytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Leave-In Spray by Phyto now on Cosmare. This product prevents hair from breakage and safeguards hair from heat damage.



Trim those ends


Trimming your ends regularly is a very good habit to adopt.  The secret to healthy-looking hair is a regularly-trimmed end. If your hair is very likely to experience split ends, you can trim every six weeks. If not, you can trim your ends every three months.