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Want to treat your Mother this Mother's Day? We've Got You Covered

Let’s walk down memory lane and remember the good old days when you were just a little kid. Remember how your mom gave you all the love and care you needed, gave you advice every step of the way until you reached where you are now? We’ve arrived to the one day of the year when we show our moms just how much we appreciate them. Treat your mom this Mother’s Day the way she deserves to be spoiled. 


It’s beauty hour!

  1. Let’s remove those beauty lines


As much as we would never admit it, once we’re in our 30s we start seeing some beauty lines on our faces -signs of having lived fully of course. To keep your mom glowing out of love as always, get her the Revitalift X3 Anti Aging Serum for the morning and the Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Night Cream for night time, these two products will diminish those lines and keep her lovely as ever.

  1. Hair care? Who doesn't need this!


No matter how old you are, we all need to change our hair color from time to time -is there even any better mood-booster? When it comes to hair coloring there is nothing better than an ammonia-free hair color to ensure the dye is gentle on our scalps and beautiful tresses. The Phytocolor Ammonia-Free Hair Color has it all. Afterwards, let’s boost hair growth and slow down hair thinning with the Phyto Novathrix Scalp & Hair Treatment.



  1. Lastly, let us spritz some magic


Close your eyes for a moment and Imagine the fresh smell of pear and blackcurrant blended together. This is where the famous Lancome La Vie Est Belle perfume comes. This perfume combines luxury and femininity all in one bottle. Trust us, your mom will love it.

Let’s celebrate and thank our mothers every day of the year for all of what they have gone through to raise us. Spoil your mom a little extra this Mother’s Day and check out our range of beauty products to make her day extra special.