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"Natural Fiber" Detangling brush blister

LE 111.00
  • Brush detangling Natural Fiber

    Your hairstyle more natural. Developed in renewable natural materials from the fibers of wheat, rice husk and polymer resin. Recyclable, reusable and sustainable. Pack 100% cardboard FSC certificate.
  • Made of natural materials, renewable-fiber wheat and rice straw polymer resin. Recyclable and reusable and sustainable
  • Bristles are resistant to question: pins flexible and resistant to a length of 20 mm is able to deinterlace smoothly massage the scalp and stimulate blood circulation
  • Ergonomic design: The Shape of the semi-curved designer with the length of the pins comb a larger amount of hair in each pass
  • Can not be used with a hair dryer

"Natural Fiber" Detangling brush blister

LE 111.00